The cross-border Impact Tech ecosystem

Let's accelerate transitions to resilient and sustainable organizations

The Sustainable Development Goals and us

Since 2016 we have built a unique integrated approach by structuring our investments and operations around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our thesis were initially designed, developed and validated in Switzerland by our entrepreneur and financial founders. Since then enriched by Artificial and Collective Intelligence models, they are at the heart of our ecosystem wherever it is deployed.

By overseeing the transparency, efficiency and real impact of our members, we accelerate organizations and technologies serving the SDGs.

Our vision and missions

A global, entrepreneurial and holistic strategy will make Sustainable Development Goals achievement possible.



a global ecosystem of impact technology providers



working groups on resilience, sustainability and impact tech



qualify and promote any impactful project



and subsidize the structuring of high-potential projects



the most innovative projects within the ecosystem



the technologies of the projects selected and financed by the FASTs



projects in their post-acceleration funding phase



a network of Hubs promoting and locally developing the ecosystem



a network of Factories integrating and perpetuating local ecosystems



the creation of special impact savings zones (SDG Model Zones)



financial and monetary solutions maximizing the impact



with institutions to develop impact technologies

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The ecosystem is open and selective. Ambition, kindness and team play are the keys.

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Some accelerated projects

FAST funds and accelerators provide financial, technological and human capital.

Innovative and intelligent irrigation platform

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Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use application, Telaqua helps its customers to save water, optimize their time and increase their production. Less waste, more profits, a victory for farmers and for the planet.

Collaborative mobility service platform

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Fred is above all a participatory platform, driven by strong and deep values: Humanity, Responsibility, Solidarity and Innovation. The driver will earn 95% of the fare, which will allow him to live with dignity from his work.

Collaborative music
streaming platform

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Artys is a platform that helps artists to manage their career, their royalties, their promotion and the financing of musical projects. It is also a meeting place allowing them to collaborate everywhere with a single click.

Access platform to natural care and alternative medicine

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Cajole is a pass that works with therapists and practitioners in liberal activity.This is the opportunity for each company to improve well-being at work, by encouraging a dynamic of personal development.

Ethical neobank

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CanB is a mobile application which allows any individual to receive rewards, thanks to their purchases, in a fund of donations that they can donate to associations.

Collaborative platform for sustainable mobility

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Booking, payment, inventory, opening the vehicle and starting, all of this is done directly from a mobile application. The vision is to offer a 100% electric premium offer by 5 years.

Impact wealth management platform

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The platform supports independent financial advisers with a set of features to improve their customer relationship management, transparency and impact on the real economy.

Personalized rewarding platform

learn more leverages transactional data to increase consumers purchasing power and retailers customer knowledge.

Our partners

Public or private, start-ups or corporates, we are aligned to maximize the real impact of the ecosystem.

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